Powered by the promise of possibility

Our vision is a world transformed by humans supported by sustainable technologies, educated for progress and secured by economic and societal cohesion. We believe innovation is the ability to identify and grasp a transformative moment and turn it into a valuable opportunity. To realise our ambition at pace and scale requires high-level influence, deep-level insight and wide-reaching implementation.


We are a fully functioning, commercially viable platform, not a notional philosophy – a real-world, hyper-connected ecosystem of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 C-Suite execs, academics, venture capitalists, angel investors and family offices.

The value of our network is measured in trust and reputation. We have all worked together in a variety of roles and capacities for many years, building strong relationships by delivering consistently positive outcomes. We have the collective influence and shared, human-centred purpose to effect meaningful, lasting impact. By bringing those experiences together in one, we present an irresistible business proposition, rich in possibilities.


In a world obsessed and powered by technology and artificial intelligence, real, meaningful change is only made possible by people. Smart, ambitious, principled people.

So, we provide unobtainable access to the best minds and the biggest hitters. We create environments for true collaboration. We bring people together whose paths would not ordinarily cross. The result is explosively fast, breathtakingly disruptive innovation.

Who are we for? We are for humans whomever they are…

We’re for ambitious entrepreneurs, hungry for access to C-suite influence and insight. To them we offer a route to market, expert advice, access to capital and data. AMBITIOUS
We’re for bold VC funds and family offices looking for a more streamlined route to market. To them we offer portfolio visibility, access to the business community and investment opportunities. BOLD VC FUNDS
We’re for visionary corporates, impatient at the current speed of pioneering products and principles. To them we offer market insights, strategic partnerships, expert advice and hands-on implementations. VISIONARY
We’re for academics and research institutions keen to make a difference by seeing their ideas made real. To them we offer thesis opportunities, networking and career development programs. ACADEMICS &
But most of all, we’re for generations to come. Our vision is a more desirable future for them all. GENERATIONS

What motivates us


Nothing in the world that really matters gets done without human relationships. Our strategy is rooted in this simple, powerful belief, paired with the recognition that money alone cannot solve every problem or bring about the positive social impact we seek. To be successful, the industrial leaders of today must possess a rare balance of entrepreneurial vision, business acumen and social commitment.


Because we operate at the intersection of impact investing and traditional grant making, we are well-positioned to inspire peer-to-peer learning across our network of emerging and established entrepreneurs. The sharing of best practices and insights helps instil the value of collaborative leadership and channel the passion of the changemakers into effective strategies that energise social change over time.


Grasping transformative moments and having the confidence and ability to turn them into opportunities is at the heart of what we do. We tap into a deep well of experience and insight, research and trend-watching. These connections open doors to an influential willingness to help, allowing the freedom to execute at speed. It’s all supported by a network that has proven processes that can deliver ahead of the mainstream.

We make things happen

Tangible impact comes from true collaboration focusing on changing behaviours while giving space to diversity leveraging heterogeneous teams, talents and experiences that are able to combine old traditional wisdom with new methodologies in a cross industry approach.

The evolution of business, innovative technologies and people must progress in close parallel to ensure each element serves the tangible needs of the other. If either one of those elements makes an independent quantum leap, the vital connection or interdependency is broken and the system goes out of balance.

We are here not only to maintain the balance between those interdependent elements (people, business, innovative technology), but also to assure that once either one of them exceeds its power the entire ecosystem responsibly recalibrates itself.

Our role is to envision a desirable future, take the right steps to scale up our business accordingly and support people as main protagonists within this new ecosystem.


A set of tools, formats, insights and strategies that help companies face change head-on, defining their approach to new scenarios where technology and human factors are becoming more and more relevant.


A human-centric approach to support business transformation and assist organizations in the actual redesign and implementation of new systems, processes, models, tools, and culture.


Sophisticated programs that embrace the entire people ecosystem leveraging talents, skills, capabilities and relations focusing on creating a sense of community in a collaborative approach both within and outside the organization.

Simple beliefs guide us

We believe that people are fundamentally interdependent, good, and capable.
We believe that individuals have inherent dignity and that a healthy society should provide opportunities that unlock their potential.
We believe that markets and technology can be forces for good, but only as part of a broader social contract.
We believe in the process of daring experimentation, brave speculation and the stronger knowledge it brings.
We believe in our ability. In yours, too.